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Schu:noh (2023)


Piano, 2 violin, viola, cello.


5 min. (org.)

3 min. (rev.)


Composed during studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

First performance


Simen Matuzaki Haufmann

Sigrid Lyngstad Skjerve

Laura Madaliso Beer Kumwenda

Elias Schomers

Sanae Yoshida

Arian Pedersen (cond.)

Majorstuen Kirke, Oslo, Norway.



This piece is based on japanese noh-theatre combined with material from the first movement of Robert Schumanns Piano Quintett nr.2 in Eb-major.


Noh-theatre has an distinguished formal structure as well as material. The essence of noh-theatre is the aesthetic and concept og «ma», where the space between the art objects, is as well as important as the objects themself. This is usually shown with explosive/fast moments, to slow/beautiful moments.

video from the premiere

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