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The Dreamers Box (2023)


Solo Saxophone, video and pre-recorded audio.


11 min.


Evind Leifsen

First performance


Eivind Holmboe Leifsen

 Levinsalen, Oslo, Norway.

The video alone:



Interpreting the meaning of "The Dreamers Box" ultimately lies within the audience's perspective themself. Nevertheless, as I crafted this piece, I delved into overarching themes that captivated my interest, primarily exploring how trauma can both obscure and bring forth memories, and also how it can construct a world of illusion. In my pursuit of an appropriate aesthetic, I harnessed my own personal nostalgia and memories as the raw materials to shape and create "The Dreamers Box."


Who is the intuder and who is the dreamer?

Video from the world premiere:


Coming soon.

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