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Concert • 01.11.23 
The Dreamers Box (2023)

Eivind Holmboe Leifsen

Levinsalen, Oslo.

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Concert • 26.10.23 
Whispertwine (2023)

Tomas Laukvik Nannestad
Marco Slaviero

Scenehuset, Oslo.

Event • 28.09.23 
Panel discussion at CEMPE (webinar)

I will be joining an panel discussion on the subject of musicians of tomorrow. The discussion will take place on the internet, and is moderated by Tanja Orning.


Concert • 14.09.23 
Schu:noh (2023)

Simen Matuzaki Haufmann
 Lyngstad Skjerve
Laura Madaliso Beer Kumwenda
Elias Schomers
Idun Gabrielle Fougner-Økland
Arian Pedersen (conductor)

Lindemannsalen, Oslo, Norway.
Ultima Contemporary Music Festival

Concert • 09.09.23 • WP
Whispertwine (2023)

Tomas Laukvik Nannestad
Marco Slaviero

Friscena, Gjøvik, Norway.

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